Interviews are nerve-wracking!
We think to ourselves
What questions will they ask?
Do I have the skills they’re looking for?
Will I make a good impression?
This can affect self-confidence, and we can sometimes undersell ourselves.




Be Prepared, Be Confident, Be Successful
Employers are interested in your transferable skills – reliability, teamwork, communication, problem-solving with a big dollop of positive attitude.

The trick is to focus on all the valuable experiences, skills and achievements from volunteering, sport, previous work experience, hobbies and, of course, academic or other training.  


Interview Prep App helps boost self-confidence and improve chances of getting the job you deserve. 
Gather: Use the Skills Notebook to capture key skills/experiences.
Prepare: Review questions, hints, tips, and examples. We provide sample answers and you can jot down your own.
Practice: Answer commonly asked questions for Apprenticeships, Internships, Graduate and General job seekers.



Any job seeker

The Opportunity

Getting the right job can change your life! So, you need to make sure your interview is a great one.

Employers are looking to see:

  • Evidence of your potential to do the job
  • How positive you are
  • If you show a genuine commitment
  • Will you fit in the team
  • Are you the best choice – attitude, experience, potential

Preparation is the key to your success!

Interview Prep

This app will give you the best chance – whether your applying for an Apprenticeship, Internship, Graduate or a General job.

It will build your confidence by providing:

  • Key interview questions with hints, tips and examples for each
  • Role-specific and behavioural questions for Apprenticeships
  • Space to store your own answers or use our examples or those from your careers advisor
  • A Skills Notebook to jot information on your skills, experience, achievements or anything else you feel is important
  • Additional content through our Facebook Chatbot