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Apprenticeship Interview Prep – classic questions delivered through digital channels

Sometimes it’s difficult to spend sufficient time with students and let’s face it, most of us are still using PPT and Pdf’s to engage with Gen Z.  The new Skills2Use app may come in useful, every key general and vocational National Apprenticeship Service interview questions are answered with visual content pushed directly to a student’s […]

Never just say I worked part-time in a retail store!

Never meekly say you “worked in a shop” and sound jealous and less confident than others that seem to have had cooler, more exciting experiences. Employers are looking for your transferable skills. Don’t overlook any of the skills you’ve gained from retail work. Employers are looking for specific examples – to show you’ve got what it […]

Does Gen Z need an ‘Experian’ of Experience?

Help in preparing young people for employment often rely on overstretched advisers delivering PowerPoint, Pdf, and flipchart presentations backed up by a smattering of 1:1 sessions and sharing websites with a scattergun collection of advice articles. Gen Z users of all ability levels are not naturally inclined to search through generic articles that regularly remind

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